Easy and instant conference call?

Just follow three easy steps:

  1. Determine a conference access code and a time and share it with the attendees.
  2. Each attendee calls 0900-1970, or one of the international access numbers. (€ 0,15 per minute and a call setup of 4,5 cents)
  3. Enter the conference access code and you're ready to start the conference.

Welcome to EasyConference your teleconferencing service. 

Save time and money using the EasyConference conference call service. You can set up a conference call quickly and easily with EasyConference. You can set up and start a conference call within a minute, just follow the steps above.

A list of  international access numbers for your conference call can be found here.


Dial: 0900 1970

and start conferencing immediately!

Video - How to use EasyConference